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Nasir Mazhar

Nasir Mazhar is another kid of luxury streetwear movement. He started his career as a designer with making hats, and now Nasir Mazhar's brand assortment includes all kinds of garments. No wonder the most progressive London and New York girls like Anna Trevelyan and Mademoiselle Yulia wear it. Nasir takes inspiration from the 1990s and sportswear, creating his signature look - crop top and boxer shorts styled with futuristic visors and shiny backpacks. All items are labeled with Nasir Mazhar logo and holographic patches. The brand's London fashion week shows are well known for its street casting - as the designer himself puts it, his clothes look better on real girls and guys. Models are strictly not allowed.

Nasir Mazhar
'ABBA meets Cher' - that's how Nasir Mazhar describes his new collection    

Nasir Mazhar womens collection

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